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Currently, the netting of fruit cultures is the most practicable and most effective strategy against Spotted Wing Drosophila. During netting, some important points must be considered. The application of insecticides cannot be waived completly because the Spotted Wing Drosophila can enter the cultures through small openings, reproduce and cause damage. It has to be ensured that all openings are closed. Also during plant protection applications and harvesting, it has to be ensured that the nets are closed immediately after entering the culture. It is advised to establish additional locks to protect the culture against the entry of Spotted Wing Drosophila during entering.

Kirsche Regina mit Netz_copyright by Heidrun VogtKirsche Regina ohne Netz_copyright by Heidrun Vogt
Cherries (variety "Regina") with netting
(© H. Vogt, JKI Dossenheim)
Cherries (variety "Regina") without netting
(© H. Vogt, JKI Dossenheim)

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