Repair of nets

Damages of nets have to be repaired immediately. For repair, a new part of net has to be sewn in, ruptured nets have to be glued with special sticky tapes or the net has to be exchanged.

Netz mit LöchernLöcher im Netz mittels speziellem Klebeband geklebt
Small holes in the net were closed by adhesive bonding from both sites with rugged and UV-resistant tape for foiltunnels (© B. Boehnke, JKI Dossenheim)
Das beschädigte Netz wurde zusammmengenäht_copyright H. Wiebusch, LWK NiedersachsenRepariertes Netz 4_copyright S. Benz_LWK NRW
Torn net was repaired by sewing (© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower Saxony & S. Benz, LWK NRW)
Repariertes Netz 3_copyright S. Benz_LWK NRWRepaired exclusion net_copyright by H. Wiebusch_LWK Lower Saxony
Exclusion netting with new inserted part of net (© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower Saxony)Exclusion netting with new inserted part of net
(© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower Saxony)
Repariertes Netz_Nahaufnahme_copyright H. Wiebusch_LWK NiedersachsenNeu eingesetztes Teilstück wurde mittels Klammern am Netz befestigt_copyright H. Wiebusch, LWK Niedersachsen
The new inserted part of net was fixed to the exclusion net with clamps (© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower Saxony)It must be insured that the distance between the clamps is not to big. Openings between the clamps are not allowed (© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower saxony)

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