Repair of nets

Damages of nets have to be repaired immediately. 
For repair, rupture nets can be closed by glue or sewing, new net parts can be insert or the net can be exchanged.

Small test series with different tapes and glues showed the time damand of net repair.
Strong adhesive duct tape was the easiest to work with and can be used for small holes in net. At correct use, silicon like glues can be used for bigger holes.

However, avoiding damage is always a priority.


Reparatur Netze durch Einkleben eines Netzstückes mit Silikon_C. Augel_LTZLöcher im Netz mittels speziellem Klebeband geklebt
Repair of net by glueing new net part with silicon
(© C. Augel, LTZ Augustenberg)
Small holes in the net were closed by adhesive bonding from both sites with rugged and UV-resistant tape for foiltunnels (© B. Boehnke, JKI Dossenheim)


Small ruptures or holes can be repaired by sewing

Das beschädigte Netz wurde zusammmengenäht_copyright H. Wiebusch, LWK NiedersachsenRepariertes Netz 4_copyright S. Benz_LWK NRW
(© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower Saxony)(© S. Benz, LWK NRW)


Bigger holes or ruptures can be pepaired by inserting a new net part. Part of nets can be sewn in or fixed with clambs/ brackets

Repariertes Netz 3_copyright S. Benz_LWK NRWReperatur Netze durch Einsetzen neuer Netzstücke mittels Plaketten_S. Weißbrodt_BLE
Exclusion netting with new inserted part of net
(© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower Saxony)
New net part was inserted by using clambs/ brackets
(© S. Weißbrodt, BLE)
Repariertes Netz_Nahaufnahme_copyright H. Wiebusch_LWK NiedersachsenNeu eingesetztes Teilstück wurde mittels Klammern am Netz befestigt_copyright H. Wiebusch, LWK Niedersachsen
The new inserted part of net was fixed to the exclusion net with clamps (© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower Saxony)It must be insured that the distance between the clamps is not to big. Openings between the clamps are not allowed (© J.-H. Wiebusch, LWK Lower saxony)

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