Determination of beneficial insect population

  • Manual sampling (beating samples; adults and larvae of ladybugs and lacewings, larvae of hoverflies, spiders)
  • Brushing of leaves (predatory mites)
  • Surveillance of shoots during infestation with aphids (adult and larvae of ladybugs and lacewings, larvae of hoverflies)
Siebenpunkt-Marienkäfer_Coccinella septempunctata_Pfeifer, JKI DossenheimLarven des asiatischen Marienkäfers_Harmonia axyridis_Pfeifer, JKI Dossenheim
Adult seven-spotted ladybug (Coccinella septempunctata)
(© B. Pfeifer, JKI Dossenheim)
The larvae of the Asian ladybug (Harmonia axyridis)
(© B. Pfeifer, JKI Dossenheim)
Adulte Florfliege_copyright J. Just, JKI DossenheimLarve der Florfliege_copyright Fotoarchiv, JKI Dossenheim
Adult lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea)
(© J. Just, JKI Dossenheim)
Larvae of lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea)
(© Photo archive, JKI Dossenheim)
Adulte Schwebfliege_Episyrphus balteatus_Fotoarchiv, JKI DossenheimLarve der Schwebfliege_copyright Fotoarchiv, JKI Dossenheim
Adult hoverfly (Episyrphus balteatus)
(© Photo archive, JKI Dossenheim)
Larvae of hoverfly (Episyrphus balteatus)
(© Photo archive, JKI Dossenheim)
Braune Kugelspinne_Theridion impressum_Fotoarchiv, JKI DossenheimObstbaumspinnmilbe u. Raubmilbe_copyright J. Just, JKI Dossenheim
Spiders, i.e. the theridiid spider Theridion impressum
(© Photo archive, JKI Dossenheim)
The pest species European red spider mite (1; Panonychus ulmi) and the predatory mite (2; Typhlodromus pyri)
(© J. Just, JKI Dossenheim)

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