Economic evaluation of exclusion netting

What will be part of the economic assessment?

Aim: Under examination are the economic impacts of different exclusion netting systems to prevent infestation by the Spotted Wing Drosophila in fruit crops compared to similar cultivation methods without netting systems.

 Additional or reduced costs for (e.g.):

  • Investment
  • Acquisition
  • Maintenance
  • Labor requirement
  • Deconstruction and disposal
  • Plant protection (quantity, frequency)
  • Yield and fruit quality
  • Marketability

 Other economic questions to be answered (e.g.):

  • Are investments in new machinery necessary?
  • Do peaks in workload occur and can they be compensated?
  • Is the use of pollinators necessary to ensure sufficient pollination results?                      
  • Is the use of beneficial organisms possible to reduce plant protection inputs?

 Data used:

  • Results of annual surveys among fruit farmers, project managers and netting system suppliers;
  • On site evaluations of labor time requirements;
  • Data collections and literature.


Aufbau Netze 2Aufbau Netze 4Aufbau Netze 3
Installation of lateral exclusion netting of foil canopy in cherries (© B. Boehnke, JKI Dossenheim)
Installation of complete exclusion netting of blueberries_C. Augel_LTZ Augustenberg (1)Installation Volleinnetzung Heidelbeeren_C. Augel_LTZ Augustenberg (3)Installation of complete exclusion netting of blueberries_C. Augel_LTZ Augustenberg (2)
Installation of completely exclusion netting of blueberries (© C. Augel, LTZ Augustenberg)

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