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Due to the Corona virus, no farm days could take place


Information event at fruit grower Mathias Baßler in Kappelrodeck
17.09.2019, Heidenhof 24, 77876 Kappelrodeck

On 17.09.2019, fruit grower Baßler presented his completly netted bluebery plant and his experiences in the demonstration project. Mister Clemens Augel (LTZ Augustenberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg) informed about investigations und results of demonstration project.

Information event at fruit farm Johanneshof in Hockenheim

11.09.2019, Johanneshof, Seewaldsiedlung 5, 68766 HockenheimHoftag Johanneshof 2019_copyriht C. Augel, LTZ Augustenberg

On 11.09.2019 was held an demonstration meeting to exclusion netting of bertry cultures at Johannishof in Hockenheim. Fruit grower Härdle presented his experiences with the exclusion netting to managing Spotted Wing Drosophile in raspberries and strawberries. Mister Clemens Augel (LTZ Augustenberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg) informed about investigations und results of demonstration project. 

Netted foil tunnels at fruit farm Johannishof (© C. Augel, LTZ Augustenberg)

Informational tour at experimental station for berry cultures in Langförden
04.07.2019, Versuchsstation Beerenobst Langförden, 49377 Vechta

On 04.07.2019, the experimental station for berry cultures in Langenförden offered interested people the possibility to have a tour to actually varietyPräsentation zum Demonstrationsvorhaben von Frau Kathrin Kramer (OVR)_copyright Merle Nicolai testings and experiments. Within the demonstration project, Ms. Kathrin Kramer (OVR) presented the results of demonstration project and the study of netted raspberries. Approximatelly 30 visitors came to the informational tour, interested fruit farmers as well as further expert audience like foil tunnel producers or the University of Applied Science Osnabrück.

Kathrin Kramer (OVR) and listener (© Merle Nicolai, OVR)

Information event at fruit farm Stein in Hirschberg-Großsachsen
03.07.2019, 69493 Hirschberg - Großsachsen

On 03.07.2019 was held an informational meeting at fruit grower Stein in Hirschberg-Großsachsen to the exclusion netting of cherries to managing Spotted Wind Drosophila. The fruit grower explained his experience with exclusion netting, the demonstration project and showed his netted cherry plant. Mister C. Augel (LTZ Augustenberg) presented the demonstration project and the results of project. 

Clemens Augel erklärt interessierten Anbauern die Einnetzung von KirschenBetriebsleiter Walter Stein mit interessierten Anbauern
Clemens Augel presented interested frut grower the exclsion netting of cherries and the results of project
(© H. Vogt, JKI Dossenheim)
Fruit grower Stein showed interested people his netted cherries (© H. Vogt, JKI Dossenheim)

Information event at fruit farm Korn in Welver
02.07.2019, 59514 Welver

On 02.07.2019 was held an information event at fdemonstration farm Korn in Welver. Dr. S. Benz (LWK NRW) explained the exclsuioon netting of raspberries and presented the results of demonstration project. Like last year, press and local television were present. In the local news programme „Lokalzeit" of WDR was presented a television report as well as reports in different journals and online portals to the event.

Betriebsleiter Korn und Dr. Silke Benz vor der EinnetzungRundgang durch Einnetzung
Fruit grower Korn with Dr. S. Benz (LWK NRW) in front of an exclusion netting (© B. Scheel, Gartenbauprofi) During tour through netted culture, Dr. S. Benz explains important aspects of exclusion netting (© LWK NRW)

„Open day" at Julius Kuehn-Institute, Institute for plant protection in fruit crops and viticulture
30.06.2019, 69221 Dossenheim

On 30.06.2019 took place an open day at Julius Kuehn-Institute in Dossenheim. Besides a lot of plant protection relevant topics was also presented the demonstration project to interested people by Bianca Boehnke (JKI Dossenheim). In spite of hot temperatures, approximatelly 400 people came to the event and showed interest to the topics of plant protection. Because of the big proplems in 2019, people showed great interested to exclusion netting of fruit crops to managing Spotted Wing Drosophila. 

Poster zum DemonstrationsvorhabenErläuterung des Einnetzens durch Frau Boehnke vor interessierten Besuchern
Presentation of project results on different posters
(© H. Vogt, JKI Dossenheim)
Explanations to exclusion netting of fruit crops by Bianca Boehnke (JKI Dossenheim) to interested people (© H. Vogt, JKI Dossenheim)

Inspection of netted raspberry foil tunnel at the demonstration farm Feindt

Within the demonstration project, on 09.04.2019 was held an inspection of the netted raspberry foil tunnel at the demonstration farm Feindt in Buxtehude (Lower Saxony). It was focused on possible solutions, tips and tricks for problems during the installation of netting systems.

Seminar at organic fruit grower Tambke, Jork

On 23.07.2018 was held a seminar about the exclusion netting of cherry cultures at the participating fruit grower Tambke. The project supervisors Mr. Jan-Henrik Wiebusch and Mr. Julian Lindstaedt (LWK Lower Saxony) presented the project and the results of the first project year. Additionally, within an on-site inspection of a netted cherry orchard was discussed the handling and experiences of exclusion netting systems and also the professional pollination in protected cultivation systems was explained by the company BEEsharing P.A.L.S. GmbH.

Fr. Dr. Wichura hält Vortrag zum Demonstrationsvorhaben und zum Einnetzen von KirschenDemonstration der Reparatur gerissener Netze durch Julian Lindstaedt
Dr. A. Wichura presented the results to demonstration project (© LWK Niedersachsen)Mister J. Lindstaedt demonstrated the exclsuion nettung at fruit farm Tambke (© LWK Niedersachsen)

Meeting at fruit grower Schmitz-Hübsch, Bornheim-Merten
Bonn-Brühler-Str. 14, 59329 Bornheim Merten

On 13.06.2018 was held an informational meeting at fruit grower Schmitz-Hübsch. Mrs. Dr. Silke Benz (LWK NRW) presented the demonstration project and the results of first project year as well as the exclusion netting of cherries was explained and demonstrated in an on-site inspection. The journals "Obstbau" (07/2018) and "Gartenbauprofi" (08/2018) published reports to the informational meeting and the success of the demonstration project.

Obstbau 07/2018 Mit Netzen gegen die Kirschessigfliege
Bericht im Gartenbauprofi 08/2018: Netze bewähren sich


Herr Schmitz-Hübsch, Dr. Adrian Engel (LWK NRW) und Frau Dr. Silke Benz (LWK NRW) vor einem Poster zum DemonstrationsvorhabenKirschen
Fruit grower Schmitz-Hübsch and project leaders of Northrhine-Westphalia Dr. A. Engel and Dr. S. Benz (© S. Weißbrodt, BLE)Red ripe cherries of fruit farm Schmitz-Hübsch (© S. Weißbrodt, BLE)

Meeting at fruit and vegetable grower Sterthoff, Wadersloh

On 23th May 2018, an informational meeting was held at Meeting fruit grower Sterthoff 2018_copyright T. Kuehlwetter_Gartenbauprofifruit grower Sterthoff´s demonstration farm. The demonstration project and the results of the first project year were presented by Mrs. Dr. Silke Benz (LWK NRW) to other fruit growers and representatives of the foil systems and net industry (20 participants). The exclusion netting of cherries was explained and demonstrated. As last year, reporters of the journal "Gartenbauprofi" as well as the web portal "Erdbeer Spargel Portal" were present.

Dr. S. Benz and fruit grower Bernhardt Sterthoff in front
of netted cherry plant (© T. Kühlwetter, Gartenbauprofi)

Bericht im Gartenbauprofi 08/2018 (PDF): Netze bewähren sich

Bericht im Erdbeer Spargel Portal: Droso-Demo-Netz Vorhaben des BMEL

Meeting at the fruit grower Obsthof Sonntag, Wachtberg-Fritzdorf

An informational meeting was held at fruit grower Matthias Sonntag's demonstration farm on 20th July 2017. Mr. Sonntag explained how exclusion netting is applied to his raspberry and bramble plots. He also shared his view on benefits and drawbacks of this method of pest control. The participants had the opportunity to take a look at the construction on-site and to discuss the pros and cons and how improvements could be made. The demonstration project was presented by Mrs. Dr. Silke Benz (Ditzer) (LWK NRW). The journal "Gartenbauprofi 08/17" published a report and the website „Erdbeer-Spargel-Portal" published a three-part report on the event.

Gartenbauprofi 08/17 (PDF): Kirschessigfliege im Fokus

Three part report at online "Erdbeer Spargel Portal" (25.07. - 27.07.2017):Meeting fruit grower Sonntag 2017_copyright T. Kuehlwetter_Gartenbauprofi
Part 1: Im Versuch: Volleinnetzung gegen die Kirschessigfliege
Part 2: Obsthof Sonntag - Volleinnetzung gegen die Kirschessigfliege 
Part 3:


Dr. Silke Benz und Dr. Adrian Engel (LWK NRW)
(© T. Kühlwetter, Gartenbauprofi)



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