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On the following, you will find coming events on demonstration project. 



Fruit farm tour on Biohof Bursch (raspberries)
Weidenpeschweg 31, 53332 Bornheim

17.07.2021, 10:00 h
Duration: ca. 1,5 h

Unfortunately, due to the consequences of the severe storms, the fruit farm tour at Biohof Bursch has to be canceled.
We ask for your understanding!

On 17.07.2021, Dr. Silke Benz (LWK NRW) will present on tour on demonstration farm Biohof Bursch the exclusion netting of raspberries. Detailled programm can be found in the official invitation.

For better planning, please inform us if you want to come:
Dr. Silke Benz
Tel.: 0151-51851907
Because of Corona, please keep distance during the event.

Official invitation 17.07.2021 Biohof Bursch (German)


Meeting at fruit farm Mönchhof in Burscheid
Mönchhof, Großhamberg 13, 51399 Burscheid.

02.07.2020, 14:00 0´clock, duration approximatelly 1,5 hour

CANCELLED - Event postponed on 2021, new date will be announced as soon as possible

On 02.07.2020, a farm day should have taken place at the Mönchhof in Burscheid. It should have been shown the exclusion nettiong of berry cultures. Unfortunately, this could not be carried out due to corona. The event is to be rescheduled in full in 2021. At the Mönchhof, the fruit grower Mr. Stamm and Dr. Silke Benz (LWK NRW) will present the exclusion netting of blueberries and further results of demonstration process. The new date will be announced as soon as possible.

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